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McGill AirFlow's Double-Wall Insulated Duct and Fittings Provide Exceptional Noise and Thermal Control

McGill AirFlow's Acousti-k27® double-wall, insulated duct and fittings provide exceptional noise and thermal control in air handling systems. They are constructed of a solid sheet metal outer pressure shell and a sheet metal inner liner with a layer of insulation sandwiched between.

The company offers double-wall round duct in three outer shell constructions: spiral lockseam, spiral lockseam with a standing rib, and longitudinal seam. Double-wall flat oval duct is available in spiral lockseam and longitudinal seam constructions.

Each McGill AirFlow double-wall insulated round fitting is sized accurately for easy field assembly.

McGill AirFlow's standard double-wall duct and fittings have galvanized sheet metal outer walls and a layer of fiberglass insulation surrounding the inner liner. The insulation is available as standard fiberglass or Acousti-Line™ insulation with an acrylic coating that resists air erosion of fibers and the growth of fungus and bacteria. Standard duct has a perforated metal inner liner, while standard fittings have a solid metal inner liner. Options include other thicknesses and types of insulation, stainless steel and aluminum outer walls, and specification of solid-wall or perforated-wall inner liners as nonstandard items.

These options and the numerous sheet metal gauges that are available enable McGill AirFlow to provide double-wall duct and fittings for a wide range of environments, including hospitals, laboratories, food and pharmaceutical plants, and corrosive industrial areas. The company also supplies systems to convey hot air and gases, even when temperatures exceed 1,000°F.

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