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McGill AirFlow LLC Offers New Duct System Design Guide

McGill AirFlow LLC announces immediate availability of its new Duct System Design Guide for commercial and industrial applications. Continuing a tradition of providing specifiers and designers with helpful technical services and publications, McGill AirFlow has created this 300-page handbook of proven design concepts for supply and exhaust air systems that also includes a simplified treatise on acoustics in duct systems. The Design Guide, available exclusively on CD, is a must-have reference for both new and experienced designers.

This authoritative Design Guide is the culmination of over 50 years of application design experience. McGill experts who serve on ASHRAE, ASTM, and AMCA design and testing standards committees authored the new handbook. McGill sales engineers apply the Guide's concepts to assist customers in achieving their design goals. The Guide applies standard reference databases that have been incorporated into McGill's proven duct design software, Uni-Duct™.

McGill AirFlow is releasing the Guide on to its Current Awareness Services (CAS) subscribers in installments. Prefacing each installment is an article featuring real-world application challenges. CAS subscribers also receive Trend Briefs, Technical Bulletins, and Solutions articles. As an industry leader, McGill seeks to keep designers, specifiers and purchasers of its duct systems aware of new products that will meet their performance needs.

To subscribe to McGill AirFlow's Current Awareness Service and receive a copy of this CD, visit

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