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Duct-D-Fuser™ Air Diffuser Grilles, Fittings, Assemblies, and Registers for HVAC Duct Systems

McGill AirFlow manufactures sturdy, low-cost Duct-D-Fuser air diffusion products for exposed HVAC air distribution systems in large, open-area commercial and industrial facilities. Products include a variation of grilles, fittings, assemblies, and registers. Because of their lighter weight, Duct-D-Fuser products are easier to install and less expensive to manufacture and ship than conventional rectangular tap-type diffusers.

A McGill AirFlow Model DDF-GF framed grille shown loose and mounted on duct.  

The Model DDF-G series grilles are constructed to be flush mounted to curved or flat surfaces and designed to provide directional throw airflow performance characteristics similar to tap-mounted grilles. The type SP round air diffusers are constructed of 360° perforated duct to provide low-throw, low-draft airflow performance. If local control of direction, volume, or velocity is required, McGill AirFlow’s series of deflection, linear slot, and drum louver registers and its Factair™ worker-controlled terminal outlets are available.

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