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McGill AirFlow's Industrial Duct Systems—Products and Services

McGill AirFlow offers a complete line of ductwork products designed and manufactured to meet the special needs of industrial air/material handling applications.

McGill AirFlow's industrial ductwork products are used in a variety of applications such as heating and air conditioning of industrial environments; supply and make-up air; and collection, conveyance, and exhausting of fumes and particulates. These products are used in the steel, automotive, petroleum, tobacco, textile, mining, grain storage, tunneling, tool and die, woodworking, metal fabrication, food processing, electronics, microchip, and chemical industries.

The leading supplier of spiral duct, McGill AirFlow manufactures duct and fittings in round, flat oval, and rectangular configurations. Uni-Gasket® round fittings, a new offering, features a proprietary gasket design that creates an airtight friction-fit joint. Sealing joints with duct sealer is not necessary.

Related products include round bellmouth fittings, access doors, floor sweeps, stackheads and weather caps, volume control dampers, blast gates and cut-offs, Factair™ outlet units, and Duct-D-Fuser™ air diffusers.

McGill AirFlow also supplies products for specialized applications such as Uni-Coat® PVC-coated ductwork for underground and some corrosive fumes and environments, Uni-Stack™ chimney duct for high temperatures, and SilverGuard™ ductwork, which is pre-coated with an antimicrobial that resists the growth of molds, mildew, fungus, and other microbes.

McGill AirFlow offers made-to-order assemblies, such as manifolds, and fabricates duct, fittings, and assemblies with special welds, finishes, and materials for custom applications.

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