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Leak Detective™ Calibrated Test Kits for Measuring the Leakage Performance of Duct Systems

No duct system is airtight; all leak to some degree. If controlled, duct leakage can be less than one percent of the total system cfm. As leakage increases, more air (energy) is required to maintain design conditions, and this increases operating costs. To protect building owners against leakage and the resulting increase in operating costs, engineers are indicating the leakage parameters and are requiring verification testing in their specifications.

A Leak Detective kit from McGill AirFlow makes it easy to measure duct system leakage. The company offers four standard sizes of test kits (4", 5", 6", and 8"), each available either as a kit or mounted on a wheeled cart. Other sizes are available as nonstandard items. Leak Detective carts, orifice tubes, and test kit components can be ordered individually. A standard leakage test kit contains calibrated orifice tube, a certified calibration chart, OSHA-approved fan w/damper, two U-tube manometers, vinyl tubing, dye 10-foot flex duct, adapter, and clamps.

Each orifice tube manufactured by McGill AirFlow is individually calibrated and marked with an identification number. The company keeps calibration records from the past 10 years on file in case a chart is lost. Standard orifice tubes are calibrated against master tubes, which have been certified to an accuracy of 0.5 percent by an independent laboratory on equipment traceable to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), formerly the National Bureau of Standards. The calibration should not change as long as the orifice plate remains clean, undamaged, and unaltered.

The company can recalibrate McGill AirFlow orifice tubes and calibrate tubes that customers supply. Both types of tubes can be calibrated for positive pressure, negative pressure, or a combination of positive and negative pressure. McGill AirFlow's Engineering Department can also arrange for independent or NIST calibration and certification.

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