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Heavy-Gauge Galvanized or Stainless Steel Runs on McGill AirFlow's Mobile Duct Machine

Designed to meet the needs of the installation contractor, McGill AirFlow's Mobile Duct Machines reduce costs by bringing the factory to the jobsite. Workers can install the finished product immediately, without spending time unloading the factory-fabricated duct from delivery trucks. Eliminating the need to unload delivery trucks or stage materials reduces material handling costs. Freight expenses are also reduced. No time is spent waiting for material to be delivered, and the potential for damaged, lost, or late materials is eliminated. Project scheduling is improved because a Mobile Duct Machine can be moved to different locations on the jobsite.

Save on material handling and shipping costs, and improve scheduling by using a Mobile Duct Machine from McGill AirFlow. These machines can be moved easily on their self-contained trailers and produce spiral duct in varying lengths, diameters, gauges, and materials right at the jobsite.  

With its 45-foot trailer, each self-contained Mobile Duct Machine can be moved easily to any indoor work area. The Mobile Duct Machine uses a hydraulic handling table, which allows the operator to deliver the duct directly into the hands of the contractor. Each mobile unit has a 2-ton overhead crane for easy and convenient material handling and is equipped with an air compressor, welding machine, steel decoiler, heating, and lighting. A monorail system supports the far end of long runs of duct.

One of the Mobile Duct Machines was recently refitted with a Helix-300 spiral machine, which operates at 270 lineal fpm of strip coil. The HELIX-300 includes a flying slitter that will cut through the seams of 18-gauge steel, a forming roll box for 14/13 gauge material, and runoff tables. A roller under the HELIX-300 allows it to be moved out properly for manufacturing, but retracted for shipping. The trailer is designed so the HELIX-300 can easily be moved on or off if needed.

In addition to 28 - 16 gauge mild steel (galvanized), 28 - 20 gauge stainless steel, and 0.025 - 0.063 inch thick aluminum, McGill AirFlow has increased the capacity of the Mobile Duct Machine with the HELIX-300 to 13-gauge mild steel and 16-gauge stainless steel to fabricate varying lengths of spiral duct in diameters from 3 through 88 inches. The contractor can vary the amount and lengths of the duct as it is fabricated, thereby eliminating waste and the need for storage.

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