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McGill AirSeal LLC Introduces Uni-Wrap™ Plastic for Temporary Ductwork Protection

Uni-Wrap is a strong, puncture-resistant, polyethylene plastic that is ideal for the temporary protection of the open ends of HVAC sheet metal ductwork and other construction materials during transit and job site storage.

When applied to ductwork, Uni-Wrap seals out dust, dirt, rain, snow, paint, and other contaminants that can reduce indoor air quality.

Uni-Wrap™ Plastic for Temporary Ductwork Protection  

Its high-tack, one-sided adhesive leaves no residue and has excellent adhesion to metals, plastics, wood, masonry, stone, paper, and many other materials. Uni-Wrap is strong, highly flexible, and can be stretched to take the shape of the material it is protecting.

Uni-Wrap is available in 12-, 18-, 24-, 36-, and 48-inch-wide rolls in lengths of 100, 200, 500, and 1000 feet.

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