Why Test for Leakage?

No duct system is airtight. All leak to some degree. If controlled, duct leakage can be less than 1 percent of the total system cfm. As leakage increases, more air and energy is required to maintain design conditions, and this increases operating costs.
    To protect building owners against leakage and resulting increased operating costs, engineers are requiring verification testing in their specifications. To help facilitate this testing, McGill AirFlow offers several different test equipment options, including component test kits, test kits mounted on a hand cart, and a revolutionary new Test Station that uses venturi tubes instead of the conventional orifice tube.

Leak Detective Test Station®

McGill AirFlow continues to improve duct system leakage testing with our Leak Detective Test Station. After considerable user input, product development, and field testing, we are now offering the HVAC industry a new product concept for testing duct leakage in the most accurate, reliable, and easy manner possible. The Test Station uses calibrated venturi tube/flow meters instead of orifice plates to measure the amount of air leakage. The venturi tubes have been mated with all new state-of-the-art components—blower, silencer, controls, gauge, meters, and smoke generator, and packaged in a compact, self-contained, ergonomically-designed, wheeled Test Station that is easy to operate, transport, and move around the jobsite.

Patent No. US D631,901 S
Patent No. US 8,511,146 B2

McGill Leak Detective Test Station

The Test Station is easy to transport and maneuver in vehicles and at the jobsite, including on stairways.


McGill AirFlow's Leak Detective® Test Equipment:

NEW! McGill Test Station

Test Station
Venturi Tubes
Choosing a Venturi Tube

Standard Test Kits

Standard Test Kits
Cart Assembly
Orifice Tubes
Smoke Delivery System
Choosing a Test Kit
Calibration Services

Leak Detective Test Kit Tools:
1. Determine Proper Kit
2. Calculate Allowable Leakage by Leakage Class
3. What Can Your Kit Measure?

4. Calculate Extension Cord Wire Gauge for Leak Detective Fans


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