Components and Sizes

Comprised of round sheet metal duct with standard roll-lipped ends, McGill's Uni-Quick system is supplied in standard and heavy gauge metal. Elbows (pleated, welded, and tube), branches (single and double), T- and Y-connectors, in-cuts, and cut-offs enable designers to develop optimal configurations.

Various adapters and reducers, butterfly valves, floor sweeps, ball joints, and flex hoses are easily connected, quickly and securely, using welded, O-ring-lined, snap-on clamps. Blast gates with automatic controls permit tuning configurations to application-specific airflow requirements. Radial arm hoods, No-Loss stack heads, bellmouths, in-line back blasts, and vibration dampers are available to meet all requirements. Standard O-ring gaskets are made from Buna-N, which is temperature resistant to a maximum of 250°F. Other O-ring materials include hi-temp red silicone (max 500°F), and FDA food-grade rubber, Goretex®, and Viton® for oil mist applications (all max 250°F).


Standard round duct in five-foot lengths is offered in 3- to 22-inch (except 21-inches) diameters in one-inch increments in galvanized or stainless steel.


McGill AirFlow's Uni-Quick™ Duct:

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