Polyvinyl-Chloride-Coated Galvanized Steel Ductwork

Uni-Coat duct and fittings are galvanized steel with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic coating that has been specially developed to resist corrosion in underground and concrete-encased underground ductwork applications. The PVC plastic coating material has passed thousands of hours of accelerated salt spray, humidity cabinet, and water immersion tests with no loss of adhesion or corrosion resistance. It resists corrosion from concrete and corrosion from minerals and salts found in normal backfill materials.

Uni-Coat duct and fittings enable you to install high-performance underground airflow systems. All components are machine-formed to ensure uniform size, construction, and performance. Standard Uni-Coat duct and fittings have a single-wall, round design. Standard diameters of 8 through 60 inches are available. We also offer double-wall, insulated round duct and fittings.

Uni-Coat Duct

Uni-Coat Duct

All Uni-Coat spiral duct is manufactured with a lockseam construction that adds strength and rigidity to the duct while maintaining a smooth interior to reduce friction. For underground and concrete-encased underground installations of duct 14 inches in diameter or larger, Uni-Coat duct is constructed with a double corrugation between the lockseams to further increase strength and rigidity.

Uni-Coat fittings

Uni-Coat Fittings

The construction method used for Uni-Coat elbows depends on diameter and configuration. Standard round diameters (8 through 30 inches) are fabricated with McGill AirFlow's Uni-Seam™ standing seam construction. Fittings with a standing seam construction have been tested and shown to outperform solid-welded fittings. For the remaining diameters of elbows (31 through 60 inches), and for all diameters of other Uni-Coat fittings, the seam is riveted and sealed, button punched and sealed, or fastened with stainless steel sheet metal screws and sealed. The sealing material is McGill AirSeal's Uni-Coat™ Duct Sealer.

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McGill AirFlow's Uni-Coat™ Duct and Fittings:

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