Uni-Housing™ Pressurized Enclosures

McGill AirFlow Uni-Housing enclosures are an excellent choice for enclosing many types of HVAC equipment for both pressurized and nonpressurized applications. They are designed for low leakage, provide excellent thermal and acoustical control, and facilitate easy on-site assembly for indoor or outdoor applications. And depending on the application or size of the enclosure, McGill AirFlow can deliver the finished enclosure or the subassemblies to the jobsite.

Uni-Housings can be constructed from McGill AirFlow's Type SL or Type TG acoustical panel systems. The Type SL and Type TG panels are identical except for their panel joint designs. The Type SL panel has a self-locking (snap-lock) design that offers quick assembly and is used in applications where disassembly is not a primary concern. The Type TG panel has a simple tongue-and-groove design that is recommended when future disassembly and re-erection of the enclosure may be required. Both panels have a sandwich-type construction consisting of a solid galvanized steel outer shell, acoustical/thermal insulating fill, and a perforated inner liner of galvanized steel. All of the standard wall, door, roof, and floor panels are available with either the snap-lock joint design or tongue-and-groove joint design.

SilverGuard Antimicrobial


McGill AirFlow's Uni-Housing Pressurized Enclosures:

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