U.L. Listed Chimney, Breeching, and Grease Duct Systems

Uni-Stack ductwork is designed for use as prefabricated chimney, breeching, and exhaust systems. We can provide all the components needed to construct a complete system, including round duct, elbows, tees, supports, terminations, and connecting devices. Our standard designs meet the requirements of a wide range of boilers, incinerators, heating appliances, and industrial processes. Because corrosion can be a major problem in stacks, each of our standard products is designed to resist specific corrosive conditions. Components and materials should be chosen based on their ability to stand up to the corrosive properties of the flue gas being vented.

Our engineers can size your system and recommend one of our standard products or custom design a chimney system for you. By providing corrosion and thermal analyses for metals, refractories, and other chimney materials, we can determine how they will be affected by specific flue gas components. We can also make mid-flue and surface temperature calculations, seismic calculations, and structural analyses to help meet the requirements of your application.

Uni-Stack installation

SilverGuard Antimicrobial


McGill AirFlow's Uni-Stack™ Duct Systems:

Uni-Stack-S Duct
Uni-Stack-1400 Series
Uni-Stack-1800 Series
Uni-Stack-ENG Chimneys



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