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Leak Detective Smoke Delivery Systems
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Tech Bulletin #3.3 - Selecting a Duct Leakage Test Apparatus
Tech Bulletin #3.2 - System Leakage Comparison
Tech Bulletin #3.1 - What is an Allowable Duct System Leakage Specification?
Tech Bulletin #2 - New IECC Commercial R-Value Compliance
Insulation R-Value changes proposed by the IECC will effect your specification of insulated ductwork.
Tech Bulletin #1 - Simpler Designs Can Be Better Designs
This Tech Bulletin shows how over-engineering can cause problems rather than provide solutions.
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Trend Brief #2 - Closed Cell Foam - An Acceptable Acoustical Duct Lining?
Get the pros and cons before making your specification.
Trend Brief #1 - The Role of Antimicrobial-Coated Ductwork in Indoor Air Quality.
Learn how antimicrobial ductwork such as McGill's SilverGuard™ duct inhibits microbial growth and contributes to improving indoor air quality.